Healing the Land

Biblical Perspective for the Environmentally Concerned

Exposing Our Environmental Misconceptions


To my peers in the environmental community: 

This work is offered to the people working to preserve the environment, whether professionally or in their homes and communities.  It is meant to be an encouraging reminder that even though at times the magnitude of the problems can be discouraging, nothing happens that has not been allowed as part of God’s plan.  My goal is to help us all focus on the cause of our environmental problems, rather than just the outward symptoms.

I hope that my more than 20 years as an environmental geologist involved with the investigation and clean-up of hazardous waste releases have shown that seeing the world through a Creationist, rather than an “evolutionary,” perspective does not impair a person’s ability to interpret technical information.  If anything, the concept of being personally responsible to the Creator for my actions has enhanced the integrity of my work and my professional relationships.  This has been especially valuable in situations when thoroughness and candidness have become casualties in the tension between environmental regulations and the financial cost of clean-ups.

Maurice Hamel


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